He Did it for the Water Cooler


Lou Piniella has explained why he told Milton Bradley to go home after Bradley’s tantrum in the dugout Friday.  It was all about protecting the water cooler, which Bradley was ready to go all Carlos Zambrano on after flying out meekly in the top of the sixth:

“I don’t like those things to happen, but I’m just tired of watching it,” Piniella said. “This has been a common occurrence, and I’ve looked the other way a lot and I’m tired. I’m not into discipline, I’m really not. I’m going to put his name in the lineup tomorrow and that’s it.”

I’m with Lou all the way on this one.  Those poor water coolers/Gatorade machines need to be protected.  Guys like Bradley and Zambrano need to understand that, when they suck, it’s not the drink dispensers’ fault.  Why should some innocent machine, whose only purpose is to deliver them a tasty and refreshing drink, have to pay for their ineptitude?

The only thing I’m unhappy about is that Lou is going to stick Bradley right back in the line-up.  And I”m guessing Lou’s unhappy about it too.  But, you can’t not play a guy when you’re paying him $30 million.  The Cubs are stuck with this headache like the world is stuck with Dane Cook.  Only a bolt of lightning can save us now.