Cubs Win Despite Milton Meltdown


The Cubs had to know what they were getting into when they signed Milton Bradley to a 3-year contract this off-season, and if they didn’t…why the hell didn’t they?  His reputation was out there for everyone to see – he’s a headcase who clashes with management, teammates, announcers, umpires.  On Friday, the volcano apparently erupted.  After watching the rightfielder weakly fly out on a 2-0 fastball, Lou Piniella, apparently tired of Milton’s weak-ass approach at the plate, yanked him, touching off – according to Carrie Muskat – a full-on dugout argument that ended with Bradley storming out of the ballpark.

And guess what?  The Cubs beat the White Sox 5-4, without any help from Mr. Bradley, and despite, a) Alfonso Soriano losing a flyball in the sun, causing 2 runs to score; and, b) Carlos Marmol walking everyone in the ballpark again.  It was actually a minor miracle that the Cubs were able to escape with a win…a miracle aided by A.J. Pierzynski, who parlayed his chance at heroism into a double-play ball to end the White Sox’ last scoring threat.

We’ll see how the Milton Bradley story develops in coming days.  One would hope discipline from the team would be forthcoming.  A trade or an out-right release are too much to ask for.