One Out, One Back in (Soon)


As expected, Carlos Zambrano has been hit with a suspension and a fine for bumping the umpire during his outburst the other day against the Pirates.  The suspension is six games and the fine is $3,000.  Zambrano says he won’t appeal, which is good, cause he doesn’t have a case.  This is Z’s second stint away from the team; his first was a DL trip related to a pulled hammy.  It’s bad enough to be struggling, but when your horses can’t stay on the track?  Makes it that much harder.

Speaking of horses who can’t stay on the track:  the Sun-Times says Rich Harden, who has been on the DL, played some toss Thursday afternoon and is on-track to return in the next 10 days to 2 weeks.  Well that’s great for Rich but at this point I’m no longer counting on him.  He’s just hurt too much.  And now that Randy Wells has emerged, frankly, Harden has become something of an afterthought.  Wells may actually have solved two Cubs problems by his appearance on the scene:  what to do when Harden gets hurt, and whether to pursue a pitcher when the trade deadline hits.  Wells may free Jim Hendry up to deal for a stick instead of an arm, and a stick is what this team needs more desperately right now.