Meltdown Video: Carlos Zambrano Gets Ejected, Destroys Gatorade Machine


Carlos Zambrano was rolling along Wednesday against the Pirates, having allowed only one run into the 7th.  Unfortunately, if you’ve watched the Cubs at all this year, you know that, for this team, a roll is only a precursor to some kind of meltdown – and, indeed, the Cubs did not disappoint.  Nyjer Morgan, who made it to third when Alfonso Soriano decided to lope after a hit instead of chase it down, was barrelling toward the plate on a subsequent play; Carlos Zambrano received the throw, blocked the dish and laid on the tag.  It was a bang-bang play…and Morgan was called safe.  Carlos took exception to this verdict.  He made contact with the ump.  He got run.  He made some hilarious gesticulations, tossed the ball into the stands and then took out his frustration on the Gatorade machine.

The Cubs offense would wake up a couple innings later and score three to make it 5-2.  Kevin Gregg bucked history by escaping the 9th without allowing a run.  The Cubs have now won two straight after their 8 game losing streak.  Zambrano, who already missed a couple weeks with a pulled hammy, will now probably be suspended for at least one start.  That’s your ’09 Cubs.