Cubs’ Offense Explodes…for One Run!


A day after being completely shut out by Jake Peavy and the Padres, the Cubs offense went on a veritable tear, scoring 1 run on 7 hits.  7 hits!  Those guys must’ve doubled up on the Wheaties to manage such an offensive explosion.  Maybe on Sunday they will go even crazier and get 8 hits!  And score 2 runs!  Look out ’27 Yankees.

Unfortunately, the sudden offensive surge was insufficient to give the Cubs victory over the Padres, who touched up starter Randy Wells for an inconceivable 3 runs in 7 innings.  Dang, 3 runs.  That’s like a week’s worth for the Cubs.  Their pitchers need to start doing a better job.  I mean, the offense goes out there and kills the ball, getting 1 run, and the starter can’t hold that?  It’s just not fair to the offense for the pitching staff to be so shaky they can’t even make 1 run hold up.  What do those guys expect?  2 runs?  That’s a little unrealistic.