Cubs Win Despite Awful Performance


The Cubs finally scratched out an 8-6 win over the Florida Marlins on Friday.   Shortstop Ryan Theriot hit  a grand slam to bring the Cubs back from a 5-2 deficit and the bullpen managed to hold it together as the North Siders evened their record to 11-11 on the season.

If you consider the offensive struggles of Lee, Soto and Bradley, and the inconsistency of the bullpen, hovering at .500 is fine.  Get Ramirez healthy again and get the bullpen straightened out and the Cubs will be fine.

But not even a Cubs win could overshadow an awful performance at Wrigley Field on Friday.  “Actress” and Chicago native Denise Richards sang the 7th inning stretch.

Might I suggest a duet with former Wild Things co-star Neve Campbell next time instead…