Video: Cat Interrupts Cubs Game, Gets Roughed Up by Grounds Crew


Tuesday night’s Cubs/Reds game – Cubs won 7-2 by the way – was briefly interrupted in the fourth when a cat came scampering across the Wrigley outfield and had to be corralled by the grounds crew.  No points for the guy who elected to pick the poor, terrified animal up by its tail and drop it into the stands.  You’re wearing gloves and a jacket dude…how much damage could the poor thing’s claws have been doing?  The guy got some boos for his ill-treatment of the feline and deserved them. Of course, Cubs fans, and Ron Santo in particular, were immediately reminded of the infamous black cat incident, which foreshadowed – some would say brought about – the team’s epic 1969 collapse. This cat was not black. It was, however, quite pissed.