Cubs Make First 2009 Trip to Milwaukee


To those who live in Illinois, the Cubs/Cardinals rivalry is and probably forever will be the biggest and most important.  But, up here in Wisconsin, it’s all about Cubs/Brewers.  I don’t have any relatives who are Cardinals fans but I have plenty who are Brewers fans, and you can just imagine the friendly smack talk that gets rolling when the two teams square off.  That being said, I have to confess that, deep down, I do not hate the Brewers.  They were my team before the Cubs became my team, and I still harbor a little place in my heart for them – the very same heart they broke by losing the 1982 World Series, when I was but a wee lad. That childhood trauma, by the way, is probably what caused me to stop rooting for them and end up adopting the Cubs (and it was certainly the beginning of my life-long hatred for the Cardinals, the team that took down my once-beloved Beermakers).  Thankfully I’ve long-since recovered and can now enjoy some baseball without any psychotic issues or pitiful attempts at vicarious existence getting in the way.  Cubs v. Brewers is as much fun as baseball can get…in April when the games still feel like they don’t mean anything.