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Derrek Lee Blasts MLB for Pressuring Him to Play in WBC


Derrek Lee is accusing major league baseball of using tactics usually associated with sleazy debt collectors or slimy telephone solicitors in pressuring him to take injured first baseman Kevin Youkilis‘s place in the WBC.  “They started calling me,” Lee explained.  “They needed a first baseman. But I couldn’t go, not being 100 percent.

“I thought it was disrespectful, to be truthful.  They knew I wasn’t playing here [in camp]. How do they expect me to get off the trainer’s table and start playing there?”

I think we can all sympathize with Derrek.  I mean, we’ve all been there, right?  We’re getting ready to eat dinner when suddenly the phone rings.  We don’t recognize the number on the caller ID but we answer anyway just in case it’s that hot chick from high school we haven’t seen in 15 years but can’t stop hoping to hear from.  But it’s not the hot chick…it’s Bud Selig saying he’s from credit card services, and if we press “9” we can get our interest rate lowered to 6.9%.  Well crap Bud, that sounds like a great deal, but I don’t want it because now I’m in a bad mood, because my chicken fingers are cold and that sweet blonde who never said five words to me in four years still hasn’t called after a decade-and-a-half.  Thanks jerk.

No, but seriously…what did MLB expect?  Did they think Derrek would just drop everything and fly off to be in their stupid tournament?  Isn’t Prince Fielder from America?  Why not bother him with phone calls?  He’s a better hitter anyway.