Fontenot Leads 2nd Base Battle


Lou Piniella says Mike Fontenot is currently in the lead to start the season at 2nd base – which should come as a shock to no one since his only competition is Aaron Miles and Esteban German, who’s been in camp for about four minutes.  Lou also said that, because of his preference for lefty bats in the 2, 4, and 6 holes, Fontenot would be his 6 hitter, with Kosuke Fukudome batting 2nd and Milton Bradley 4th.  In this configuration, Geovany Soto would be left batting 7th.  Let’s hope the Cubs‘ line-up is really good enough to warrant such a big bat being moved that far down in the order.

My guess is that Lou is just trying to buttress Fukudome’s confidence by handing him the 2 hole.  We’ll see if he’s still there come June.