Prior Compares Himself to Warner…Clumsily


Mark Prior is once again trying to fight his way back into the big leagues in the wake of a major surgical procedure on that Frankensteinian nightmare he calls a right arm.  The former Cub has passed at least one hurdle by scoring a spring training invite from the Padres – now all he needs is to get some live action and hope nothing else pops, snaps or twangs like an over-stressed rubber band.  I’ll give the guy this at least:  He’s tenacious.  And he’s got that whole vital self-delusion thing down pat too, as evidenced by this quote, in which he compares himself to another guy who has recovered from some serious career set-backs:

"If Kurt Warner can disappear for five years, I can disappear for three."

Uh…nice try Mark, but no.  There is absolutely no comparison between your situation and Kurt Warner‘s, outside of the coincidence of your both being in professions that require you to throw very hard.  Warner, last I looked, never had to have his shoulder reconstructed – twice.  Yes he had some bad seasons – but at least he had seasons.  He wasn’t rehabbing for most of those five years but was actually playing, albeit not as well as during his glory days with the Rams.  But, I guess, if comparing yourself to Warner, a man you have almost nothing in common with, helps your motivation…well, you just keep it up, sparky.