Betting on Chicago Cubs baseball

People who have no interest in either baseball or sports betting will be mystified by the fact that MLB fans are already talking about which sides might do well next season – not to mention placing bets at bookmakers. After all, it is barely more than a month since the Red Sox took the World Series, and the 2014 season does not start until spring next year, but sports and gambling on them never really stop. The bookies odds for the National and American Leagues, and the World Series, are already out there – but they don’t make great reading for Chicago Cubs fans.

The Cubs could not exactly be described as a rank outsider for either the National League or the World Series in 2014, but the odds on them for both are long enough that they definitely represent a slim chance outsider bet. 33/1 for the former and 66/1 for the latter would make them a risky gamble. Cubs fans may want to put bets on them, but unless there are developments that would lead to these odds being cut between now and late March, they may be too long to tempt the majority of baseball bettors – especially when they can choose MLB slots on sites like instead.

It is a choice that more sports fans seem to be making all the time, as they are attracted by the quality of the games, the convenience of being able to use mobile casino apps on their phones, and the low deposit and minimum bets required to play these games. All of these benefits apply to the baseball slot with five reels called Hot Shot, which also features a top jackpot of $2000 to play for. It also has a wild and scatter icon and enough pay lines (nine) to make sure that the odds of winning a payout are definitely on your side, which is possibly not the case if you bet on the Cubs ahead of the new season of MLB.

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