Climbing The Ivy Podcast To Return March 10th

Dear readers, friends and Cubs fans alike,

This is an open letter from me personally about the state of the Climbing The Ivy podcast.

I’d first like thank you for your continued support of Cubbies Crib. You have made CC one of the top Cubs blogs on the web and that in itself is some seriously cool stuff. Without your readership, Stan, Joe and I are nothing more than a couple of  unemployed baseball nerds with too much time on our hands.

I know that our pilot podcast project “Climbing The Ivy” has been met with some praise and strong viewership numbers. However, in the last two weeks, you may have noticed a total lack of production from the podcast itself. This begs the question: What on earth is going on here?!

Rather than give everyone the run around about the situation, I figure being straight up and honest is the best policy in this case. I respect each and every one of you and feel that you would want nothing less than the truth.

Climbing The Ivy is still in the early stages of development and after 4 successful episodes, I took a good look at how it could be improved. Naturally there were a few kinks in the armor, but these issues are being sorted out. We will continue to provide you with (what we hope is) an entertaining look at Cubs baseball.

As far as the absences go, I was away on a work assignment for one week and the second week was a revamping period for the show. I’ve been exploring new hosts, different ways to fix compromised sound quality (aka robovoice) and ways of making the podcast cost effective.

Sadly, the current host may have to be dropped as using its services costs me well over $100 a month out of pocket and frankly, I’m not going to retire anytime soon writing about the Cubs. I hold a day job that pays for my bills much like many of my superiors in the network and fellow editors for other FanSided sites.

We bring you this coverage because we’re passionate about it and certainly do not do it for the pay. We love what we do and I’m certain everyone who is a part of the FanSided network would agree with me.

I have done my best to find the best solution that keeps the integrity of the podcast and my wallet in check without bankrupting myself, Chris, Stan and the network as a whole. With this in mind, we will be returning March 10th, 2013.

Believe me, I’m fired up to get back at it.

So there you have it guys. No, I haven’t forgotten about you podcast listeners, I’m just too damned broke to pay over a grand a year to sustain the podcast in its current format (unless anyone wants to get some paid advertising on the show. Lets talk)

In closing, I appreciate all that this site and its readers have done for me. You give me an outlet for my passion and I will strive to continuously improve my craft. It’s the least I can do for you after giving me a shot at my dreams.

Have a safe and happy week, everyone. Go Cubs!



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