Hendry Opens Up About The Trade Deadline

Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry addressed the media about the July 31 trade deadline. Even though the Cubs are 32-48 on the season, Hendry still holds out hope that the Cubs will be able bounce back this season. Hendry is putting all his false hopes into the fact that since the Cubs have been without Darwin Barney, Marlon Byrd, and Kerry Wood in recent weeks, they are bound to turn their season around once those three return. But with the exception of his unfounded hope, Hendry was more open than usual when it came to discussing the teams possible moves in anticipation of the trade deadline.

The speculation has been that the Cubs will have a fire sale at the trade deadline, and then enter a full-phased youth movement. Under such a scenario, some have suggested that the Cubs would look to trade the likes of Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza, Carlos Zambrano, Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez, and Kosuke Fukudome. Though, it doesn’t sound like Hendry is a believer in that idea.

“I read some things that people assume — they use the word ‘fire sale,’” Hendry said Wednesday. “That’s not going to happen. We’re not interested in trading people at all who will be valuable to us moving forward. People like to float names of your better players which makes no sense to trade. If we make moves, it will be designed to make us better for the future. We still want to see how we play the next month or so. Muskat Ramblings

Hendry clearly has his aspirations set on the Cubs contending in 2012. With that mindset, that would indicate that Dempster, Garza, Seam Marshall, and Carlos Marmol will all be with the Cubs in 2012. Hendry specifically mentioned Dempster, Marshall, and Marmol as players that will not be traded this season. Interesting enough, the Cubs general manager did not mention Carlos Zambrano among the players that won’t be traded, despite Zambrano’s contract running through 2012.

Throughout his time as Cubs general manager, Hendry never liked to use the term “buyers or sellers” in regards to the Cubs’ stance at the trade deadline. Hendry followed suit with his past, when discussing the idea of the Cubs being buyers or sellers at this year’s trade deadline.

 “Everybody thinks there’s this big automatic, ‘You have to be a buyer or seller’ or ‘It’s fire sale time,’” Hendry said. “We’ve got a lot of young people out there pitching and playing, and people who will be productive for us in a year from now who, when you get ready to put a team together in the offseason, you don’t want to start without them anyhow. As the games go, there’s less and less pitching available every year and less and less talent, for the most part. We’re certainly going to hold onto the people no matter what who we feel will be major contributors down the road.”

The Cubs do not have to be sellers or buyers this season. There is a strong chance that the Cubs could actually be both buyers and sellers this season. While the Cubs will look to trade Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Zambrano, and Aramis this season, they will likely also look to add young players that are already on a team’s major league roster. For instance, the Cubs may look to fill some of their off-season needs via a trade this season. Right now, their needs would appear to be a first baseman, third baseman, and left handed starting pitcher.

While Hendry has certainly drawn criticism this season, it seems as if he his putting aside any personal agenda, and focusing on moves that would be in the Cubs’ best interest.

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  • StevenF

    Gorzelany now has a 4.18 ERA for this season. I never could understand that move. I wonder if Hendry would like to take that one back?

    • Luke Blaize

      That ultimately depends on how A.J. Morris and Michael Burgess pan out. Morris still projects as a good quality reliever, and Burgess has a monstrous amount of power. He also has a very bad case of strikeout-itis. If he can hold his whiffs to around 25% or so, he could move up the system pretty fast.

      But really, the only reason the Gorzelanny trade matters at all right now is because Cashner and Wells both got hurt in April, Jay Jackson got hurt and massively regressed, and Casey Coleman lost the strike zone.

  • Luke Blaize

    I like Hendry’s approach here. The Cubs are better than their record suggests simply due to the amount of injuries and their complete inability to hit with runners in scoring position. This team is not that far, from a talent perspective, from being in contention. There is a very solid foundation in place, and there is some real talent on the way from the minors. It doesn’t make sense to blow up the team completely.

    If I can get a pitcher back, particularly a lefty, I might be willing to go ahead and move Dempster or Wells. Garza should be untouchable, as should Marshall and Marmol. Needless to say, don’t move Castro or Barney. Soto I can see trading. I can go either way on Pena. Baker and DeWitt can go, unless they want DeWitt to provide insurance at third next season (which makes a lot of sense). I’d like to keep Byrd around for a long time as a fourth outfielder.

    But it is entirely possible that the Cubs could make a Garza-sized acquisition as well. For instance, if the Cubs could pry David Wright (who is expensive) off the Mets (who are broke), that would likely be a good move for the future of the club. And there are other cases like that as well. We could easily see more minor league guys moved this trade deadline than major league guys, and still have the focus be on 2012 and beyond.

    • Cheryl

      Marmol is so inconsistent I would disagree on keeping him. I agree in terms of Sota. Dempster, Castro, Marshall and Barney are a foundation, but Dempster will probably play only one more year. I like Byrd but there are so many minor leaguers that may be in position for next year that I think I’d see what the market could be for him. I agree in regard to DeWitt and Baker. Rather than look toward Fielder or anyone else outside the cubs system I’d concentrate elsewhere. Pena will be looking for a long-term deal. Right now the cubs need a good infusion of quality pitching.

      • http://townPWithat Lou

        Cheryl, i’m with you on Marmol..but to call a 34 year old #3 like Dempster as part of a foundation is way off, especially with the 15 million he’s owed..Nice signing Big Jim by the way!!! He’s worth no more than 8-10 per year…

  • http://townPWithat Lou

    The more Jim Hendry speaks, the more I want him to become the former GM of the Chicago Cubs. I’ve been hearing this garbage about how close we are to contending since he signed Milton Bradley to get us over the top 3 years ago!!! I like Ryan Dempster a lot however, why would you not consider trading a soon to be 34 year old starter who should be a # 3 or #4 and is getting paid like a #1??? Especially when he’ll garner some interest for sure… Maybe thats why he won’t take us to the promised land because he gets a perennial boner off a guy whose pretty solid but not great instead of trying to get the best..If Ram, Z, Soriano, Fukodome and others aren’t moved or at least agressively peddeled, then YES Hendry needs to be shown the door. The Cubs have an opportunity now to really stock the system to the point of being able to pull off multiple deals for really good major league players that will help for the forseeable future if Hendry frees up the cash and gets some return on these guys this summer, his beief the Barney, Wood and Dyrd will turn this ship around is very naive and really ignorant for a man whose been the GM for 9 years..This team struggled while all these guys were out there before, how’s that gonna change anything?? How can Ricketts tolerate this shit??? I can’t!!!

    • Cheryl

      Lou, I agree that this is the time to really stock the system. Unfortunately with the contracts Hendry engineered there are some players that will be difficult to trade. Dempster, I believe, has somewhat of a no trade clause. Zambrano is a questionmark in terms of whose interested in him. Fielder would be a waste. And Wood will probably remain in Chicago. I hope Hendry doesn’t acquire older veterans and think that magically the cubs will contend next year.

      • http://townPWithat Lou

        Cheryl, I don’t think Ricketts would let him do that.. Hendry is a stubborn jackass who doesn’t deserve the opportunity to run this team any longer if he makes moved for vets